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one day I will understand humans here’s to being hopeful
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    聖杯の器と抑止力の使者 |
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    I had to post this whole thread because this is the definition of a wholesome post. 😭😂💕🔑

    This makes me happy.

    “It’s still fuck mineral water tho.” 😂😂😂😂

    i know he’s half-kidding about his level of lostness pre-lationship, but a lot of his revelations genuinely made me go “OH.”

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    best sunday night I’ve had in a while

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  • 07/03/16--10:18: Photo

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    submachine gun

    sub machine gun

    How do you delete somebody else’s blog

    if this post gets 2500 notes I’ll destroy anime forever

    Well now I have to reblog this to help it get more notes.

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    Short hair Olivia

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    this is so fucking stupid but i’m so susceptible to it every time. the camera work is impeccable

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    i filmed the worst thing i’ve ever seen in my life this weekend

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  • 07/14/16--04:44: clockwiess: LETS DO THIS!

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  • 07/14/16--18:07: cerastes: toplad:
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    i hate this comic because i saw it like 5 years ago and to this day this is still how i remember it

    Bugs trump Grass because that’s their environment.

    Confused about why Bug-Moves are super effective against Psychic.

    Bug, ghost, dark are strong against psychic because they are common fears/phobias ! (Yknow because Psychic….brains and all)

    Still don’t get why Ghost beats Ghost.

    ground beats poison - rub some dirt on the wound.

    steel beats poison - you…i mean, you can’t poison metal.

    steel beats fairy - fae creatures hate iron in most mythologies.

    fighting beats dark - PUNCH THE SHADOWS

    Punch the shadows, you say?

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  • 03/06/17--02:17: Tally Hoooooo
  • Are you guys still alive? (because i’m not sure if this blog still is…)

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  • 03/06/17--02:42: Photo

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  • 03/23/17--18:42: lovelivesip:Smol Honk

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    Smol Honk

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  • 01/07/18--07:32: It’s been a while...
  • I haven’t visited this place for quite some time now. Mostly because of having less time but really, it has more to do with the recent happenings in my life.

    I’m a manager now. That’s been true for a year now but I haven’t been discussing it with a lot of people because internally, I don’t feel like I’ve owned up to the role. Internally, I don’t feel that I’ve taken on the position.

    I don’t mean to brag but, I know my individual performance is strong. And initially, I thought that was why I was put into this job. After a year of learning though, I find that those skills are possibly the ones putting me off actually functioning on the level I’m supposed to. 

    I find myself sitting down to correct or edit people’s work. It’s something akin to what you would consider babysitting. I’ve been addressing people individually instead of as a group due to my personal social and security issues.

    And I think my biggest mistake, I think, is thinking that this newfound power or authority will finally allow me to bring about the change that I want to put into the team.

    No, it wasn’t right. It was the opposite. I’ve never been in such a helpless position. Any change I want gets met with frustration, with me ending up thinking “Am I really the leader of this team?”. I feel that ‘authority’ might have been a red herring - people that work under me can potentially get me fired.

    There’s no freedom in this job. But that wasn’t a bad thing, I’ve realized lately. Because my job is where I’d enable freedom of each party when they work together, allowing them to collaborate instead of compromising.

    I wish I had learned these earlier. Going through 2017 was painful and it felt that I’ve failed at the job every step of the way. I thought I was there to make sure that my team has been able to do its job of keeping everything in order. I was so, so, so wrong.  My job was supposed to make them perform better.

    I’ve lost my footing. I forgot why I even started myself on this kind of job and why I accepted a job outside what I studied when I was a student. And I guess this 2018, it’s time to step it up. It made me remember a lot of things that I’ve forgotten: being self-aware and regulated, listening more instead of speaking up often, and being just fueled by the want that started me off this job track: “to be a force of change within the games industry.”

    I’m thankful for all the pains of last year. I’m thankful for the lessons, and the embarrassments. I’m thankful for the friends that I’ve made here in tumblr and the Internet overall. I feel like I can only take on this challenge because I’ve grown a lot here. It was these experiences that allowed me to take everything in.

    Monday is going to be a lot more fun and I look forward to putting forth everything that I’ve picked up the past year.

    I know it’s kind of late but I wish you all a good year as well this 2018. :)

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    Since once in a blue moon I actually discover a decent rule for adulting, and since I know I have followers a few years younger than me who are just entering the workforce, I want to tell you about a very important phrase. 

    “I won’t be available.”

    Imagine you’re at work and your boss asks you to come in on Saturday. Saturday is usually your day off–coming in Saturdays is not an obligation to keep your job. Maybe you were going to watch a movie with a friend, or maybe you were just going to lie in bed and eat ice cream for eight hours, but either way you really, really don’t want to give up your day off.

    If you consider yourself a millennial you’ve probably been raised to believe you need to justify not being constantly at work. And if you’re a gen-Z kid you’re likely getting the same toxic messages that we did. So in a situation like that, you might be inclined to do one of three things:

    1. Tell your boss you’d rather not give up your day off. Cave when they pressure you to come in anyway, since you’re not doing anything important.
    2. Tell your boss you’d rather not give up your day off. Over-apologize and worry that you looked bad/unprofessional.
    3. Lie and say you’ve got a doctor’s appointment or some other activity that feels like an adequate justification for not working.

    The fact is, it doesn’t matter to your boss whether you’re having open heart surgery or watching anime in your underwear on Saturday. The only thing that affects them is the fact that you won’t be at work. So telling them why you won’t be at work only gives them reason to try and pressure you to come in anyway.

    If you say “I won’t be available,” giving no further information, you’d be surprised how often that’s enough. Be polite and sympathetic in your tone, maybe even say “sorry, but I won’t be available.” But don’t make an excuse. If your boss is a professional individual, they’ll accept that as a ‘no’ and try to find someone else. 

    But bosses aren’t always professional. Sometimes they’re whiny little tyrants. So, what if they pressure you further? The answer is–politely and sympathetically give them no further information.

    “Are you sure you’re not available?” “Sorry, but yes.”

    “Why won’t you be available?” “I have a prior commitment.” (Which you do, even if it’s only to yourself.)

    “What’s your prior commitment?” “Sorry, but that’s kind of personal.”

    “Can you reschedule it?” “I’m afraid not. Maybe someone else can come in?”

    If you don’t give them anything to work with, they can’t pressure you into going beyond your obligations as an employee. And when they realize that, they’ll also realize they have to find someone else to come in and move on.


    Just like with many other parts of life, learn to say ‘no’ to people. You are important. Don’t kill yourself for another person, esp. if they are your boss.

    Things o desperately need to remember and want my followers to remember too. It’s never bad to say yes once in a while if you need the money or just… don’t mind coming in. That’s okay. But always remember you CAN say no if it wasn’t a shift that was already yours.

    I work on a managerial position and am on the other side of this relationship (the guy asking you to work on days off and receiving the acceptance/refusals).

    What I can tell you is that most of us too deign having to assign people work on their days off (no proper person wants that). It’s all up to you to refuse or accept and your manager should accept that. You don’t have to overapologize for not committing to what is practically a ‘favor’. It’s the boss’s job to create the contingency, and its part of why managerial gets paid a lot. You can be part of the concern but the responsibility ultimately lies on your boss (that’s why it’s important for us to build amiable relationships with people).

    If you’re receiving toxic messages over it, you should consider working for another team or company cuz your overall experience will be unhappy being with a shitty group of people. I understand that not everyone has that kind of choice, but you should know that’s practically what you’ll get into if it keeps up.

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    I check out my dead blog and wonder how it still has 85 followers.

    H E L L O W O R L D